Traveling is always stressful. That is especially true these days with constantly increasing security measures being added to already extensive procedures in light of recent events. But the stress of travel has also been increased by the challenges faced by the air industry. Airlines are constantly finding more fees to tack on carry on luggage for example, as they struggle to make a profit in light of increasingly high fuel costs and the general challenges of an economy in recession.

From finding people to watch your house and take in your mail, to booking hotels and time off, to the actual travel and jet lag, there is a lot about organizing a trip can take some of the fun out of your vacation. Booking a flight can be one of those hassles, especially if you do not know where to look. Here are three top sites to check out.

Travelocity is one of the top destinations on the internet, offering a guarantee that the prices they offer are the lowest available online. They also offer a rewards point program, which allows frequent fliers to accumulate points towards free future flight upgrades, free flights or free merchandise. Their flight search option shows you the different airlines that have flights available for your specified date and locations, and allows you to list the flights by price, duration or departure and arrival times.

Hotwire is more known for their unique hotel searching program, that allows you to pay a very low rate for a hotel, but restricts you from knowing which hotel you have reserved at until you finalize your purchase. Their air fare booking page is much more straight-forward, giving you all of the relevant details prior to making a purchase. There is also a Flexible Date Search feature that allows you to review a group of dates, and find the cheapest options to fly on.

Expedia is one of the most popular choices for online flight bookings and is quite well known due in large part to their heavily-rotated commercials on television. Their search feature will show you, in an instance, which flights are available, how many stops are involved, and what airlines they are on. They also give you the opportunity to change your dates, or sign up for their FareWatcher Plus program, which allows you to keep an eye on flight deals for dream locations. Whatever the destination maybe take the time to review these sites to find the best possible deal.


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